Judge: No Cameras During Testimony in Kobe Bryant Trial

A good ruling by Judge Ruckriegle in the Kobe Bryant case. There will be no video cameras allowed during trial testimony. Still photos will be allowed during opening and closing arguments and audio and videotaping will be allowed only during closing arguments.

For once, the prosecution, accuser and defense were on the same side. All opposed cameras in the courtroom. Jury selection begins Friday and trial testimony is set to begin September 7.

The Aspen Daily News is sticking by its policy of refusing to cover the case --it will only report the outcome when it's over. That's dumb. There are legitimate journalistic issues in the trial--such as the legalities and politics involved in raising a consent defense to a sexual assault charge--and in how courts handle high-profile cases.

Here's notice to TalkLeft readers that TalkLeft has been granted press credentials to cover the trial, and will report on major developments and perhaps provide a short daily trial summary with links to what I consider the better news articles. TalkLeft will not be all Kobe all the time or slack off on its regular coverage.

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