Praise for Long Beach Cops

The police in Long Beach, California would like it known that they displayed compassion and did the right thing while executing a search warrant. Here's the e-mail that was sent by one of the drug officers to an advocacy group for the disabled:

Greetings from the "seedy" world of narcotics. (No pun intended!) Just wanted to let you know that for all the problematic cases that the LBPD seems to generate to torment you and make your work difficult, today I was involved in one that should make you happy. We were called out to assist patrol who had been called to a domestic violence call and found six marijuana plants growing in the backyard. The original call was for a domestic violence, of which the home owner was not involved, but we did not know that at the time.

We obtained a search warrant on the house and as part of our investigation we learned that the owner of the house was a medicinal marijuana patient, registered through Compassionate Caregivers, with a doctors prescription that could be verified and confirmed. As a result of the PROPER documentation, the woman was left alone and her plants remain with her.

So, as you talk to the community let them know that there are some positive interactions between the LBPD and the medicinal marijuana community, and as long as we are able to verify their claims through proper documentation they will not have a problem. Hopefully this email finds you well, let me know if I can be of assistance to you.

There was an officer's name and other identifying information in the email which I have deleted, not knowing how public he wanted to go with his e-mail. Good work, Long Beach. TalkLeft is glad to know you followed state law and your consciences instead of Ashcroft.

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