Bush Makes Statement on Kerry Attack Ads

Bush finally speaks and calls for no more Kerry attack ads. Too little, too late. Not to mention, he didn't call for those on the air to be taken down.

Update: Reuters describes Bush's statement this way:

President Bush called on Monday for ads attacking John Kerry's record in Vietnam to be stopped along with others run by independent groups, and said Kerry should be proud of his war service. But Bush stopped short of condemning a group that calls itself Swift Boat Veterans for Truth or its specific accusations that the Democratic presidential candidate lied about his war record in Vietnam.

ABC News Australia reports Bush's statement as "Bush refuses to denounce anti-Kerry campaign."

[Thanks to Michael in the comments who pointed out that Bush fooled a lot of media and us that he had denounced the attacks on Kerry's record, when in fact, he was just calling for an end to 527's--political ads funded by independent groups. MSNBC is still mis-stating Bush's position, with a headline that says,"Bush calls for halt to Swift Boat veterans’ ads."]

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