Bush's Convention Plans

Reading about Bush's plans for the convention in Sunday's New York Times, it was hard not to gag.

And after months in which Mr. Bush stressed issues of concern to conservative supporters - from restrictions on stem cell research to a constitutional amendment to bar gay marriage - the convention will offer its national television audience a decidedly more moderate face for the president and his party. If "strength" was the leitmotif of the Democratic convention in Boston, "compassion" will be the theme in New York, marking the return of a mainstay of Mr. Bush's 2000 campaign, party leaders said.

Bush and compassion. Go together like a horse and carriage, no?

How about his strategy for dealing with the protesters:

Mr. Bush's advisers said they were girding for the most extensive street demonstrations at any political convention since the Democrats nominated Hubert H. Humphrey in Chicago in 1968. But in contrast to that convention, which was severely undermined by televised displays of street rioting, Republicans said they would seek to turn any disruptions to their advantage, by portraying protests by even independent activists as Democratic-sanctioned displays of disrespect for a sitting president.

Nice try, but the reality is the protests are being caused by Bush and his policies:

This president has spent the last four years dividing people and never taking responsibility for his failed record and its impact on average Americans....Any protests that might take place will likely reflect that."

Bush wants you to believe he's turned the country around. Not so:

A CBS News poll this week found that 53 percent of registered voters felt the nation was heading in the wrong direction, a dangerously high number for an incumbent.

Remember Bush's promises in 2000?

Mr. Bush pledged to implement sweeping tax cuts, and reforms to the public school system, Social Security and Medicare.

Didn't happen. And now,

Mr. Bush is hampered by budgetary restrictions caused by the deficit, the war in Iraq and revenue losses from the tax cuts.

You can also expect Bush to milk 9/11 at the Convention. Again.

He fooled American voters once. It's time for them to say "shame on you" this time around.

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