More News About RNC Bloggers

Say Hello to the new RNC blogger aggregator where you can read the posts of the bloggers covering the Republican Convention and protests by blogging live from The Tank.

Also bookmark Cosmopolity, which has the latest info on the Tank bloggers and events. TalkLeft is going to blog from The Tank along with the other anti-Bush oriented bloggers.

The real story for TalkLeft will be the action in the streets--the protesters, the security, the riot police and their attitudes. I'll have my digital camera, tape recorder , ipod and laptop. I have recruited two volunteers so far to capture the images on the streets, so TalkLeft can upload and bring them to you as they are happening.

Do I need help to do this? Yes, it's not cheap to spend a week in New York City.... If you're in a position to assist, you can do so via

If you'd like to donate anonymously, use

Both are secure. Many, many thanks. So, why blog from the streets?

You can watch the delegates and speeches on TV. But they will not be the real story this time around--not for those who oppose George Bush and another four years of his reign. The real story will be in the streets. Do you want the the limited mainstream media coverage, which will portray the street action as a sideshow, with a negative perspective, or do you want to know what it feels like to be there? Do you want the high, the positive, the ridiculous, the extreme? Do you want the point of view of the random bystanders we happenstance across--as opposed to those the media selectively edits and presents to you because it finds them telegenic or equipped with a good soundbite?

The other reason to read the RNC anti-Bush bloggers is to hear the voices of the next generation:

My biggest surprise in covering the Democratic Convention in Boston was discovering the college and grad student bloggers. Jesse and Ezra of Pandagon, Zoe, Natasha, Byron of Burnt Orange Report, Patrick and David of Oxblog, American Amnesia, Brian and Tom of Campaign Desk--these kids exhibited talent and insights that left me in awe. Do not miss their coverage of the RNC. They are the future, and they will do us proud.

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