Advocating Peaceful Protests

As the Republican Convention in New York approaches, so does worry over the planned protests. Liberals, TalkLeft included, hope the protesters avoid violence. It will only help Bush. Altercation reprints this normally subscription-only article in The Nation by Todd Gitlin and John Passacantando that explains why violent protests will hurt the Democrats' chances of success:

The Bush Administration plainly flunks. The Bloomberg administration has proved its small-mindedness. But we who oppose Bush face our own tests. If, as the whole world watches, rioters hijack the protest, the fine intentions of millions will have been canceled by the behavior of a few. Let dissent with dignity win the day and let us get on with a more perfect chapter of American history.

Liberal bloggers will be plentiful in New York during the convention, providing coverage of the protesters. I'm hoping it won't turn into a re-run of Chicago, 1968. But I also want to make sure the media doesn't over-emphasize a few bad apples and ignore the mostly peaceful protestors. That's reason enough to go.

Check out the official New York Convention page--welcoming peaceful protesters. There's even a list of planned protests and anti-Republican parties and performances. [links via e-mail from KBand.] The message to protesters, according to the Washington Post, is shop 'til you drop.

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