Protest Guide to the RNC

Time Magazine provides a guide with highlights of the protest activity that will occur in New York during the Republican Convention. Here are a few of the more intriguing ones:

GREENE DRAGON The week before the convention, this street-theater group will re-create Paul Revere's Ride, pedaling down Lexington Avenue on bicycles outfitted with cardboard horse heads, shouting, "The Republicans are coming!"

AXIS OF EVE Demanding an end to "political cover-up," about 100 women draped in American flags and wearing anti-Republican "protest panties" will perform a "mass flash" on Sept. 1

Time also mentions that New York police and firefighters may go on strike during the convention. I'm not buying it. Mayor Bloomberg will never let it happen. Any more than the Boston mayor let it happen there. Nor would Bush.

Every day we learn of more bloggers heading to New York for the convention. Jesse and Ezra of Pandagon, Markos of Daily Kos; NYU Journalism Prof. Jay Rosen of Pressthink; Matt Yglesias and Zoe are going. Mad Kane, Anna of Annatopia (who will be blogging for Majority Report of Air America Radio), Matt Stoller. You can follow blogger related events at the RNC Tank Blog.

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