On Blogging the RNC From New York and Sending Our Kids Off to War

Thanks to Skippy and Richard Cranium of the All Spin Zone for supporting and asking their readers to contribute a few dollars towards our trip to NY to blog live during the RNC. Especially Skippy, because he hates it when bloggers seek donations. Today he writes:

good luck and god speed to our buddy talkleft, who has bought a plane ticket to go blog the repubbb national convention! we fear for her safety. not only will she be a liberal in the midst of thousands of gopers, she's also a defense lawyer! take some mace, talkleft! or at least some garlic and a copy of al franken's book! (just kidding! she will be not actually at the convention, but at a nearby performance space with live tv coverage. though if that's the case, we wonder why she can't just stay home, tune into c-span, and pretend to be there, saving the money. who would know?)

readers of this space know how we feel about bloggers and paypal. but we wouldn't kick your dog if you sent talkleft a little scratch to defray the costs of a ny vacation.

My response, which I posted in the comments to his blog:

I'll be careful, and thanks for the shout-out Skippy. The TL Kid is in New York and has offered to be a volunteer to the bloggers at The Tank for computer issues and any other assistance. If the DNC was any indication, computer assistance will be sorely needed.

When I failed in my attempt to get him to come home to Denver for the week of the convention, I figured I might as well go there. I won't forget how he was in NY on 9/11 and his father and I were not able to connect with him until 3pm --at which time we received an e-mail he had been able to send from school saying he was okay and on his way to a blood bank to give blood.

The donations are very much appreciated. TalkLeft is not so much a hobby, as it is a calling, much like defending the criminally accused and civil liberties. If I were a rich, corporate lawyer, I'd be able to fund all my "projects" myself....on the other hand, if I were a rich, corporate lawyer, I probably wouldn't have the same political views and affinity for the underdog.

By the way, check out Kate Storm's post on the All Spin Zone, And All Came Home to Die , about her son signing up for the military against her advice. Maybe you have to be an anti--war mother of a draft-age son who remembers Viet Nam to appreciate it....or maybe you'll just understand it:

Well, the raptors came to our house. I refused to sit at the table. And I'm not sure how it happened but his father signed for him. But... by the time his 18th birthday rolled around, he was not so sure. The "contract" was terminated. Almost the end, but not quite. After graduation he was accepted to a military college in Vermont. His father ponied up the money. And I sent him off to orientation week. He lasted 2 days, and called to tell us that it was not a good choice, and he came home. I hugged him hard and told him I was proud of him, and that if there was EVER a draft that he could count on me to get him the hell outta Dodge.......Now you can make of my story what you will. At some point a mother's hands are tied in regard to the decisions their almost adult children make.

One of the benefits of being a trial lawyer is we never stop arguing and trying to convince the other side....One of the benefits of being a mother is we never stop trying to indoctrinate our kids. Mine grew up with Country Joe singing,

Well, come on mothers throughout the land,
Pack your boys off to Vietnam.
Come on fathers, don't hesitate,
Send 'em off before it's too late.
Be the first one on your block
To have your boy come home in a box.

No thank you. I don't care if it's Canada or the Amazon, it's preferable to sending your 'only achievement that counts' off to a political war that we should never have entered at a risk that he will come home maimed or even worse, not at all.

Back to the original topic of this post: donations. If you're in a position to assist TalkLeft in getting to NY to live blog the Convention and protests, you can do so here via PayPal. If you'd like to donate anonymously, use Amazon. Both are secure.

Many, many thanks.

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