McGreevey Resigns - With Class

N. J. Governor James McGreevey resigned today, saying, "I am a gay American." Here's the text of his statement. Wonkette comments:

This was the speech of the year. The most high profile outing, well, ever, and McGreevey handled it with grace and dignity. He sort of makes me want to go gay, too. We hope that someday it won't mean much to go on national television and announce, "I am a gay American." Someday, we hope that kind of announcement comes at the beginning of someone's political career, not the end.

Wonkette rocks updates. For more on McGreevey's political leanings, Addiestan has the text of McGreevey's speech at the Stonewall Democrats Luncheon on the last day of the DNC and asks if he tipped his hand? Addie says of yesterday's announcement:

its execution bears the mark of a calculated move. It's a move admittedly forced by some obviously unexpected events--a sexual harassment law suit filed against the governor by a male former aide, and revelations to come about a boyfriend that may prove to be something of an international incident. But leave it to McGreevey to find real opportunity in self-created crisis. Now, there's a real American!

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