Blogging the Republican Convention in New York

A great space has been made available for progressive bloggers to blog the Republican Convention live from New York. I had intended to pass. Now I'm having second thoughts. Covering the convention, the protests, the security measures and the extent to which New York is accomodating the Bush Administration vs. the protesters, is becoming an irresistable draw.

Add to the equation that the TL Kid is in New York and that he has offered to volunteer his computer skills and services to the blogging space and bloggers--I'm seriously thinking of joining the group.

Let me know what you think. Can TalkLeft can provide more valuable or insightful coverage blogging from Colorado while watching the mainstream media coverage on cable news? It certainly would be less taxing, both in dollars and physical exertion. Or should it jump into the fray and take a stab at covering that which the mainstream media may just gloss over?

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