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Lots of new folks we've discovered to give a shout-out to today:

Green Pass by Zoe Vandervolk, whose day job is to work as an intern for Gadflyer. She also studies statistics and music at Harvard. We talked to her a lot at the convention, she's great friends with Jesse and Ezra of Pandagon, and she got frustrated having to be careful what she wrote on Gadflyer, so she's created her own blog.

Newsfeed: Submit your blog and help spread the word.

NEWSFEED is for bloggers, news junkies, commentators, drudgereporters, and all who take interest in the wild world of news reporting. 1,000s of news sites, culled every day for the most interesting reading.

Fafblog, also blogging on the convention and related matters.

True Believer, written by a Santa Barbara D.U.I. lawyer to expose the madness of the MADD crowd and the increasing craziness of DUI laws.

Catherine of Unrequited Narcissism is the winner of the $25 prize in our Name That Blogger contest. Tom of the Funny Farm actually had the names up a bit faster, but he graciously asked us to give the money to Catherine because it was going to charity--the Marine Corps Marathon Fundraiser for the Lombardi Cancer Center.

Also say hello to Minerva, a project of the Library of Congress. There's a 2000 and 2002 election archive, and we just received this e-mail from them about the 2004 Election archive:

The Library has selected your site for inclusion in the historic collection of Internet materials related to the Election 2004, and we request your permission to collect and display your Web site.

Ed at Angry Liberal has some interesting observations, including this picture of President Bush and a companion jogging.

One more: Blogswarm:

Blog Swarm creates a real-time echo catapult for the campaign activities of the anti-Bush organizations in battleground states. . Beat Bush, join the Blog Swarm!...a new site to allow Democratic bloggers to coordinate their hypertext links to drive traffic to important activities of the party and key 527s.
Blog Swarm just went live and already over twenty blogs have joined
the array.

And congrats to journalist and author Dave Cullen of Conclusive Evidence who just sold his upcoming book on Columbine to Dutton Publishers. He couch-blogged the speeches live, and now wishes he had gone to the convention.

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