2004 Blogging: The Ten Best List

The mainstream media may or may not appreciate the blogger coverage of the convention. We're happy we made #1 of Radiofree Bloggerstgan's 10 best list, written by Liza:

1. Jeralyn Merritt hits it right out of the park. Her writing is outstanding, vivid in imagery yet succint in detail. When I read her posts, I feel like I am there. These are going to be invaluable "snapshots" of this historic convention.
TalkLeft: The Hall is Packed

"We just got back with our double strength espresso. We're wired and ready to go. This hall is packed to the gills. There are people sitting in the stairwells. Getting out now would be next to impossible. For the first time, we bloggers are all hunched over our computers and the gabbing has stopped. The delegates are listening to the speakers."

"Joe Biden's speech is too long, but they don't care. They are standing and clapping. When we think Biden, we think Rave Act and how he snuck it into the Amber child alert bill. We wouldn't support him for dogcatcher. We can't even fathom that he was almost a contender for President. But, the people here seemed to really like him."

All of these are more than just reporting at it's best. They go beyond journaling, reporting and memorializing. What we have in these blogs is definitely a new form of expression and witnessing. Even, maybe, a new literary form. So who's on your list?

As we said before we arrived in Boston, our goal was to convey the energy and resolve to win --to make our readers feel like they were experiencing what we were experiencing. Thanks to Liza for making us feel like we succeeded.

Off to the airport. More later...Much more.

Update: We just found this nice compliment from Dave Cullen at Conclusive Evidence on Liza's top ten pick:

And it helped that they picked my friend Jeralyn Merritt's TalkLeft as #1. Nice not just because I like her, but like her work. Her blog is the only one I returned to repeatedly during the week.

....Personally, I was only mildly interested in reactions to the speeches from the blogs, since I was watching them myself on the same medium as the crucial voters. But I was extremely interested in what it felt like to be there. I wasn't sure I would be, actually, but discovered that I was as I read her throughout the week. I didn't know I was that interested in attending, but going to her site would transport me right to the Fleet Center, and I'd be amazed and thrilled to be there and wonder why I had not gotten on a plane.

And I loved some of her asides, like the Biden thing, too. I feel the same way about him and the rave act.... Jeralyn was great. I really hope she goes to the R's thing in NYC. But I kinda doubt they'll let her in.

[Dave: I doubt it too, but maybe there's a liberal media outlet out there with a press pass for me. As supportive as I was of the Dems, I'd be just the opposite with Bush & Co. at the RNC.]

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