Military Role at Convention

We expect there will be a lot of military support on display for John Kerry tonight. As one of the network anchors we were listening to last night after the Blogger Bash, which we'll write4 about later, asked, how will it play with a predominantly anti-war crowd?

We suspect that this crowd is so anxious to get John Kerry elected, they will realize the display is not for them, but for the undecided voters out in the heartland.

On the other hand, there have been no promises to bring our troops home. There will be none from Kerry and Edwards. The view seems to be, the U.S. made this mess, we'll clean it up.

We'd like to see an exit strategy. A date for a pullout. Sure, we have some obligation to fix the mess we created. But we also have an obligation to our sons an daughters to bring them home safe and as soon as possible.

Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Dennis Kucinich are the liberal conscience of the party. We know the public hears them--we know they have more support than that portrayed in the media. We want them to know we are listening--and so are millions of others. This year is for John Kerry and John Edwards; eight years from now, we hope the party and country is ready for a greater shift to the left.

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