Judge Accused of Rigging Death Case

A judge in California has been accused of conspiring with the prosecution to keep Jewish people off the jury in a death penalty case.

The California Supreme Court is asking the attorney general’s office to explain why a convicted murderer’s death sentence shouldn’t be reversed based on allegations that a now-deceased Alameda County judge colluded with prosecutors to ensure a capi-tal conviction by keeping Jews off the jury.

The court on Wednesday issued an order to show cause based on defense lawyers’ claims that convicted murderer Fred Freeman’s 1987 trial was tainted when then-Superior Court Judge Stanley Golde allegedly told prosecutors to keep Jews off the jury because they would never vote to send someone to the gas chamber.

This is just another reason why politicians like Mass. Governor Mitt Romney who try to assure us that it is possible to create an error-free death penalty law are dead wrong. There will always be the chance of human error. There will always be misconduct.

Praise is due the Democrats who deleted the endorsement of the death penalty from this year's platform. Why isn't the mainstream media covering this more?

One more thing about the California Judge:

At the time of Golde’s death, in 1998, he was believed to have handed down more death sentences than any other judge in Alameda County, and possibly the state, since the punishment was reinstated in 1978.

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