Blogger Bash and Blogger Media

We just finished updating our post on our interview yesterday with Sen. Durbin. To switch to a lighter topic for a minute, we had a great time at last night's blogger bash. It was at an upscale resturant called Meze. Bloggers were the guest of honor. We got green wristbands which allowed us to get free drinks all night. There were a few hundred people at the party--the non-bloggers had to pay for drinks at the cash bar. We got goodie bags with USB memory sticks and blogger buttons and other stuff. There was a large buffet table filled with excellent Greek food.

We mostly hung out with our fellow bloggers, but we chatted a bit with Eric Alterman of Altercation and the Nation, Mickey Kaus of Slate, some guys that have started an environmental site called DefenderBear.com, a guy who runs a New York performance artist space called Tank. We said hello to Janeane Garafolo of AirAmericaRadio. We didn't know a lot of people there. When we left at 2 am, the party was still going strong.

By the way, it's getting hard to write here. The Daily Show is interviewing Jesse Taylor of Pandagon right next to us. The media has been swarming us. Bright lights, microphones, cameramen, all squeezing into our overcrowded row. It's hard to concentrate. Here's Jesse and the Comedy Central guy:

A blogfan just came up to Markos of Daily Kos just to say hello. Yesterday, people asked him for autographs. All that attention must be wearing, take a look at him now (we just snapped this, he's sitting next to us.)

Other people we got to say hello to while we were here (all of whom we had met before): Sean Hannity, Alan Colmes, Greta Van Susteren, Larry Elder, Gloria Allred (who is here as an "honored guest"--obviously, Amber Frey hasn't testified yet in the Scott Peterson case.)

Update: It's now 7:30 and the speeches have started but not any great speakers yet. We need some coffee--there's a lot of tired bloggers at this table.

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