Kerry's Speech: Blogosphere Reaction

We're sitting in the bar at the Onyx Hotel near the Fleet Center. It's packed, and there's wi-fi. It's midnight Boston time, and all we hear is "great speech."
We've got an early flight home so we passed on the parties--and instead will bring you some reactions from the bloggers:

First, the Conmmand Post has the transcript up. Alan has been doing the difficult job of blogging objectively.

Ezra Klein at Pandagon:

I believe, truly, that this is the perfect speech for John Kerry. It addresses every slander against him and absorbs the vulnerable edges into positive portions of a great man. This is phenomenal.

Stunning. He did it. I didn't think he could, not after Obama and Clinton and Edwards and Cleland. But he did it. He gave the perfect speech for this moment, for this race, for this crowd. He couldn't rely on his charisma and so he instead told the country where it needed to go. He couldn't do flash so he did substance...and he did it. There's nothing I can say beyond that...I'm sorry...I just don't have the words for it. I'm inspired. I'd forgot what this felt like.

The negative: Instapundit wasn't impressed. He even thought the delivery was bad. But, what a break with tradition. Instapundit is allowing comments on the post.

More to follow. Add your own favorites in the comments.

Left Coaster:

Incredible. He nailed it. I don't know how it looked on TV, but I can tell you that John Kerry pulled it off inside the hall tonight. Amidst some incredible security outside the Fleet Center, Kerry gave the speech of his life tonight when the pressure was the greatest. He somehow managed to straddle the line perfectly between giving the base its red meat to deal with their anger (something that Bill Schneider of CNN said he wouldn't do) while providing a vision and positive agenda for the voters he was trying to reach tonight. All I can say, without overstatement, is that the atmosphere during the speech and most importantly after it was nothing short of elation and electricity.

Also see Dave at Electablog; Byron and Jim D. at Burnt Orange Report.

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