Wednesday: It Just Got Better

It's Wednesday, we've been on Blogger's Alley since 3 and this is the first time our wi-fi connection has lasted long enough to get a post up. The DNCC has been very responsive and Adam, a tech guru, just took our computer and worked his magic and we're back up.

Dianne Feinstein just finished. We missed her speech but don't mind because we think she is the least liberal Democrat in the Senate. She co-sponsored the ill-advised gang bill. She co-sponsored the unnecessary federal Victim's Rights Amendment. She loves joining up with that paragon of democracy,Orrin Hatch. Spare us. If we were watching on tv, we'd mute her. The audience was restless. It's a restless crowd tonight, impatient for John Edwards and other luminaries.

No one is listening to the current speaker either. It must be horrible to be scheduled for the dinner hour when the delegates are just arriving and more interested in their seats and saying hello than listening to the speakers.

The hall is about 60% full. Tonight after John Edwards speech, the DNCC is throwing a blogger bash. We'll stop by for a while and report later. The main event for us, tonight, is John Edwards speech. We believe he will get a stronger reaction than anyone we've heard to date. The crowd will be pumped by then.

There's a recess now until 6:50. We're going to go down to TalkRadio Row to do an interview and then we'll be back.

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