Daily DNC Analysis

Check out the Democratic National Convention Report, a collaborative effort by Biz360 and LexisNexis, providing media analysis of the people and topics making news at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

As voters turn to press outlets for information and perspective on the election, leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties will be keeping a close eye on how the media portrays the candidates and campaign issues.

The war in Iraq and the economy, jobs in particular, have dominated election year coverage to date. Standard election year topics, such as healthcare and taxes, are competing for coverage against divisive issues such as gay marriage. Interestingly, Vietnam has become a prominent topic as the media examines the military records of Kerry and Bush and to a lesser degree because of comparisons between the wars of Iraq and Vietnam. Former President Clinton has remained a prominent topic in political coverage, both for his new book and the 9/11 investigations into the failures that led to the terrorist attack.

The report has readable graphs with figures and analysis.

In a positive sign for Democratic campaign efforts, the tone towards President Bush in press coverage on the Iraqi conflict remains overwhelmingly negative. Despite the capture of Saddam Hussein and the early handover of Iraqi sovereignty, overall instability in Iraq has made it difficult for the President to sway media sentiment in his favor. However, the President's overall share of negative coverage is steadily decreasing. If sentiment on the war continues to move toward neutral, Bush may be able to take some of the wind out Kerry's sails.

The Report will also cover the Republican convention in August.

Also check out the National Journal Hotline which is free during the conventions.

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