Mellencamp, Durbin and Harkin

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We just finished interviewing Senators Richard Durbin, one of our heroes in the Senate, and Sen. Tom Harkin, another favorite liberal. As we were getting back to our seats, John Mellencamp started singing. We ran all the way down the hall and up to our seats to catch the last minute of his song. The crowd was on its feet--

Betwen the time we left to go down to the DNC press office to do our interviews and the time we left to return, the atmosphere had radicallty changed. The buzz in the hall is unbelievable. Everyone is so energized, so psyched. This is just the greatest experience. The unity, the solidarity, the resolve to win.

Bill Richardson is speaking now. We'll be posting our interviews with Sens. Harkin and Durbin early tomorrow morning. There's too much happening right now. Here's a picture we just took of Sen. Harkin as we were interviewing him:

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