Who's Doing the Protesting?

According to the Boston Globe, the protesters in the "free speech zone" include:

....white supremacists passed out anti-gay leaflets at the entrance of the zone, while on the other end, about 100 people rallied in support of Palestinians. Socialists trolled through the crowd hawking newspapers, while supporters of U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich's presidential campaign handed out his schedule.

In a protest of the zone itself, several dozen demonstrators walked inside the area in black hoods, hands bound with cord. David Meieran, 42, of Pittsburgh, said they were drawing comparisons between government treatment of terrorism suspects and political protesters.

Sounds like street theater. We're waiting for the bus to leave to check it out for ourselves. Right now we're the only one on the bus and it leaves in ten minutes.

Update: We just got settled in at Bloggers' Alley. We're going to edit our protest photos and upload them.

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