Nine Women in the Senate

Nine women just took the stage, one of them is Hillary. Looking great in a yellow pantsuit. They are the nine women in the U.S. Senate.

You probably saw more of them than we did. The big monitors aren't working thaqt well for us. They keep showing the convention sign instead of what's going on at the podium or in the hall. The wi-fi is getting iffy--kicking us and everyone around us off-line for minutes at a time. Hint to the Republicans: Get your bloggers ethernet cables so they don't have to rely on wi-fi.

What's with all this 70's soul music? One or two songs would have been enough. If we're moving into the new century, how about some current tunes to take us there? Do we sound like we're getting cranky? We are a bit. The speeches have just been okay. No shining moments yet--not even Al Gore. At least, not for us.

The crowd is now doing "the wave." Why, we have no idea. Guess someone special is about to come out. We just went from dimmed lights as if a star was on their way to brightness. Now some state delegation to our left is screaming "Kerry, Kerry, Kerry" and "Edwards, Edwards, Edwards."

Ok, DNCC, time to pick up the pace here.

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