Blogger Breakfast: Obama, Dean

The blogger breakfast was this morning. There were a lot of bloggers. And a lot of mainstream media covering the bloggers. But, we really aren't the story and we're not here to talk about ourselves. The DNCC knows this, and it went all out. After the greetings and a quick bite, there were speakers, including Obama and Howard Dean:

Obama was gracious and thanked the bloggers for covering the convention. He didn't speak long, he's a busy man this week, but it was great that he stopped by to give us a shout-out.

Howard Dean had a lot to say and stayed quite a while.

On his campaign: He doesn't think the Dean Scream killed his campaign. He thought coming in third in Iowa did. He's developed a good relationship with John Kerry and he gives him advice. He refused to say what kind of advice because if he did, he said, he wouldn't be doing it for very long.

On the media: He talked about how proud he was to have contributed to the inclusion of bloggers in politics, how we were redefining media and making it possible for people to communicate directly with campaigns. He doesn't have time to read a lot of blogs but he knows how important they were to his campaign. He said there is a critical lesson with blogs--that they empower people to talk by listening. He called blogs the most innovative thing to come out of his campaign because of the direct contact with voters.

Dean repeated a few times that 50% of those under 25 get their news from the Daily Show and the net. He said the major U.S. publications will get left in the dust with this age group when they get older if they don't keep up.

He said "fair and balanced" is a farce and Rupert Murdoch is a "right winger" but he doesn't blame the media for the failure of his campaign.

Several bloggers asked questions, and almost all were good ones. Many had cameras (including us); some had microphones to record the speakers.

Ok, it's checkout time here and after changing hotels we're headed to the fleet center.

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