Convention Blogger Feeds

Dave Winer has set up Convention Bloggers where you can read all the convention bloggers (credentialed, non-credentialed and blogging delegates) in one place.

Feedster has set up this site with the current day's blogging entries from "official" DNC bloggers (yes, we're included.)

Beginning Sunday night, Technorati and CNN will have this site operational, providing research and analysis for Democratic National Convention coverage.

Joe Trippi and others will be blogging the Convention for MSNBC's Hardball at a new blog called the Hardblogger. MSNBC's full convention coverage is here.

If you're blogging the DNC, and you're not on these lists, feel free to add a link to your blog in the comments--using the html instructions in the comment box.

We know. So many pundits, so little time. Read as many as you can though, because we are all different and each of us brings our own unique perspective to the main event.

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