Linda Ronstadt May Return to Aladdin

Billboard is reporting that Linda Ronstadt may return to the Aladdin this fall--with Michael Moore singing backup vocals.

After a day of negotiations, the prospective new owner of the venue, Robert Earl, Chairman and CEO of Planet Hollywood International, Inc., issued the following statement:

"We hope to be approved by the Nevada Gaming Commission to become the new owners of the Aladdin Resort in Las Vegas as early as September 1, 2004. Upon the assumption of ownership, and with a new management team in place, we would like to offer the use of the Theatre of Performing Arts to Linda Ronstadt for a second concert and further to take Michael Moore up on his offer to join her on stage to introduce her and sing a song."

"We respect artists' creativity and support their rights to express themselves," said Earl. "We were very sorry to hear about the unfortunate circumstances of this past Saturday night and want to make it clear that Planet Hollywood has never, in our 13 year history, restricted any artists' right to free speech and we will continue with that policy once we take ownership."

The Recording Artists Coalition (RAC) negotiated for Ms. Ronstadt. Message to Mr. Earl: Good move. We'll consider staying at the Aladdin once your group assumes ownership.

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