Analysis of Ken Lay Charges

Crime and Federalism, the blog that studies the intersection between federalism and federal criminal laws by a third year Pepperdine law student, has declared this week Ken Lay week. The author begins with some very complimentary words for Lay's lawyer, Michael Ramsey, and some criticism for the AUSA in the case. Mostly, the criticism is directed at the media coverage and spin.

Unfortunately, I learned that the press accounts are garbage. The "legal commentary" has mostly consisted of pop culture slogans and references to acts not charged in the Indictment. "He ruined the company and must pay," for example. Well, unless there is a federal crime for "ruining a company," and unless this crime is charged, such lines do not belong in any discussion of the Ken Lay case. We will have none of that here.

So here's what will be happening at C&F during Ken Lay Week:

My discussion will be based exclusively on the law and facts of the case. I hope you enjoy this feature. Please scroll down for the first entry - The Indictment. On Tuesday you can read Conspiracy. On Wednesay, Wire Fraud. Thursay will bring Securities Fraud. Finally, on Friday, we will discuss the Bank Fraud (the so-called Reg. U crimes).

We look forward to reading it.

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