Dershowitz Disses Martha's Lawyers

Not a big surprise, really, as Martha's lawyers have caught a lot of flak in the media for their percieved poor handling of her case. Alan Dershowitz takes the criticism a step further, asking, Was Martha's Dream Team a Nightmare?

Martha Stewart is almost certainly going to prison because of her lawyers. It's really as simple as that. Every act for which she was convicted was committed after she retained some of the fanciest lawyers in New York. These lawyers let her walk into perjury traps and obstruction-of-justice charges by encouraging her to speak to prosecutors rather than insisting that she remain silent.

Now some members of her legal team have apparently been leaking information designed to show that the conviction was her fault, that she was guilty and should have accepted a plea bargain. With defense lawyers like that, who needs a prosecutor?

The reality is that Stewart could easily have avoided prison if she had simply kept her mouth shut — as she had the constitutional right to do — after the investigation began....Her lawyers, who are former prosecutors, probably thought that by taking their client in to speak to the prosecutors she could talk her way out of a jam. Instead, she talked herself into a conviction.

Ouch. Could it be that Alan has already been signed on for the appeal?

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