Same-Sex Marriage Amendment Dead

The Bush-endorsed same-sex marriage amendment is officially dead. The senate voted today, 48 to 50 to defeat it. The vote was 12 short of the needed 60.

Both Kerry and Edwards opposed the amendment. Kerry has released this statement (via email from his campaign):

“The floor of the United States Senate should only be used for the common good, not issues designed to divide us for political purposes. Throughout history, amending our Constitution – the foundation of the nation’s values and ideals – has been serious business. However, even Republicans concede that this amendment is being offered only for political gains. The unfortunate result is that the important work of the American people – funding our homeland security needs, creating new and better jobs, and raising the minimum wage – is not getting done. Had this amendment reached a final vote, I would have voted against it, because I believe that the American people deserve better than this from their leaders. When I am president, I will work to bring the nation together and build a stronger America.”

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