Do the Candidates Read Weblogs?

We doubt John Kerry or John Edwards has time to go online. But Elizabeth Edwards does, and she reads blogs. Here's a comment she left on Ed Cone's blog a few days ago:

Hello, Ed. Not much time for blogging -- or much else in the last days. Even when I get to a computer, it is for just a minute -- usually too short to check mail. (I am going to start using my daughter's old laptop -- I am a diehard old-fogey desktop girl -- when I hit the trail next, so that mught improve.) This week has been incredible. The energy seems like October levels, not early July levels. I feel a change a-comin'. Elizabeth Edwards • 7/10/04; 10:24:13 PM

Here's one she left a while back on Jack O'Toole's blog. O'Toole designed a website for the Edwards campaign:

Thanks, Jack. The beta looks terrific. And I can't tell you how great it is to come across efforts like this on the web. John and I really appreciate your support. Posted by: Elizabeth Edwards on November 18, 2003 10:07 PM

Here's another flattering profile of Elizabeth Edwards--from the Christian Science Monitor--"The Modest, Impassioned 'Anti-Barbie.'

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