Calling All Students to the Voting Booth

Say hello to the New Voters Project, an online campaign, co-sponsored by Rock the Vote to protect the rights of student voters. From their press release:

To address persistent student disenfranchisement, the New Voters Project (NVP), along with Rock the Vote, has launched an online petition campaign that calls on election officials to protect the rights of young people to vote where they go to school. The petition can be found on the New Voters Project’s newly updated website, along with a variety of other tools and resources for young voters.

The rights of college and university students nationwide are often infringed upon in the districts of the schools they attend. Local election officials have been known to harass students about registering to vote with temporary addresses at dorms on campus or provide limited polling places on large campuses.

The Petition for Students’ Voting Rights aims to empower students to take back their right to vote and make politicians wake up and pay attention to this historically marginalized constituency. We call on our Secretaries of State to protect the rights of young voters, including the right to register to vote at school, the right to vote on or near campus, and the right to be free from harassment and intimidation by election officials.

The New Voters Project is a grassroots, peer-to-peer young voter mobilization initiative now running in 6 targeted states and in a number of expansion states as well. We’re running the largest non-partisan, non-profit field campaign in electoral history to get people our age registered to vote and engaged in political choices that will affect our lives for years to come.

Go read and sign the petition. We need the youth vote this November.

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