Florida Tosses Out Felon Voter List

Florida has officially thrown out its flawed felon voter list . Had this been done in time for the 2000 election, many, TalkLeft included, believe George Bush would not have won Florida - or the Presidency.

Florida elections officials said Saturday they would not use a disputed list of people believed to be convicted felons to purge voter rolls, acknowledging a flaw that kept some Hispanic felons off the list and could have allowed them to vote. The glitch in a state that President Bush won by a margin of just 537 votes could have been significant - Hispanics in Florida have tended to vote Republican more than Hispanics nationally. The list had about 28,000 Democrats and around 9,500 Republicans, with most of the rest unaffiliated.

Now Florida needs to go the final mile. It is one of only a small number of states that refuses to automatically restore voting rights to felons who have completed their sentences.

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