Edwards Under Attack

by TChris

The President and his fellow country-bangers don't like trial lawyers, and they figure voters don't like them much either.

And few politicians have been as adept at exploiting that hostility as President Bush, who, at the urging of his political adviser Karl Rove, has made attacks on trial lawyers a central part of his political strategy ever since his first run for Texas governor a decade ago.

So John Kerry gave the President a great bashing opportunity by picking a trial lawyer as a VP candidate, didn't he? Not according to a CNN poll:

The poll showed that 67 percent of voters surveyed said his work as a trial lawyer was a strength, while only 27 percent viewed it as a weakness.

According to the president of the National Association of Manufacturers, trial lawyers are "the pariahs of the business community, which is more frightened by them than terrorists, China or higher energy prices." Maybe, but those with less self-interest have trouble thinking the person they rely on to protect their rights is engaged in an evil vocation.

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