How the GOP is Helping Nader

A few weeks ago we wrote about how the GOP was behind a push to get Nader on the ballot in Oregon. Joe Conasen reports today on how the Republicans are trying to recussitate Nader:

Yet although the prospects for Mr. Nader are quickly shrinking, his would-be rescuers are already revealing themselves. The new Naderites include the strange Manhattan therapy cult that now dominates the Reform Party, which will provide ballot access in some states after endorsing him in a teleconference call last May. He can also count on at least one group of activists who are absolutely determined to see him succeed: right-wing Republicans.

Tens of thousands of dollars from major Bush donors are pouring into Mr. Nader’s coffers, and he is using that money to pay for petition signatures that will get him on the ballot in swing states. The American Prospect reports that earlier this year, Mr. Nader’s aides solicited a California company that usually performs such tasks for Republican candidates.

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