Kerry May Announce VP Pick Tuesday Morning

Bump and Update: If you're at work and away from radio and tv this morning, make sure you stay on line. The LA Times reports it is likely that Kerry will announce his VP pick Tuesday morning in Pittsburgh.

Added New York Rep. Gregory Meeks, an adviser to the campaign: "All indications are that it's going to happen tomorrow. But most of the people in the campaign, with the possible exception of three, are all playing the guessing game."

The latest the announcement will come is Thursday:

Thursday night is a gala fund-raising event at New York City's Radio City Music Hall -- a concert featuring the Dave Matthews Band, Jon Bon Jovi and others. One Democratic Party official who did not want to be identified by name said that Kerry and his running mate were expected to appear there together.

We're going with John Edwards:

Last Thursday, according to a party official who asked not to be named, Edwards interrupted a family vacation in Walt Disney World to meet with Kerry at the Georgetown home of former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. (emphasis supplied, see below)

And today, Edwards went to Boston to fundraise for Kerry.

Update: We'll go on record with predicting it's John Edwards. Left Coaster reports:

And both ABC News and the Boston Globe reported today that Kerry had a meeting last Thursday night at Madeline Albright’s Washington home and his favored choice was in attendance.

The Note pretty much clinches it, saying this link gives away the answer.

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