Expressing Patriotism on the Fourth of July

We just returned from an afternoon viewing of Fahrenheit 911. We thought, and we were right, that it would be a patriotic way to spend the afternoon. We're not much for writing reviews, so we'll leave it at a few comments. The 9/11 stuff didn't blow us away, nor did the parts about connections to the Saudis and oil. We had read most of that stuff before. We got engrossed when the film moved on to the War in Iraq. And then to Flint, Michigan and got into the subject of army recruiting. The last half hour or so was great. Better than great. Of course, the audience cheered at the end.

As we left the theater, our friend Dr. P. had the best line. The film should be required viewing before anyone is allowed to cast a ballot in November.

Back-to-Iraq informs that Michael Moore has approved free downloads of the film.

Update: The new edition of Time has Michael Moore on the cover. In the article he says he doesn't want the film to be reduced to Bush vs. Kerry. The full article is available to subsrcibers only.

In related news, Bush today said the America is safer because Saddam is in prison. That's close to absurd. Maybe the people in Iraq are better off with Saddam gone, but there has not been an scintilla of evidence Saddam posed a threat to America.

Update: The Talahassee Democrat scrutinizes the alleged inaccuracies in the film.

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