Sample Blakely Pleadings

Sentencing Law and Policy reports:

Jason D. Hawkins, AFPD in the Northern District of Texas was kind enough to send along his Supplemental Objection to a Presentence Report that he just filed. (In Word); Wordperfect version is here. I've already found available a sample Defendant's Memorandum in Aid of Resentencing (html) courtesy of The Office of the Federal Public Defender for the District of District of Columbia.

If you are going to download the Word or Wordperfect versions of documents, we've found it helps to have the program already open on the computer before downloading. We prefer Wordperfect, and love the new WP12 because it will save documents in Word or WP and opens Word documents easily. It also handles .pdf docs which we hate because they are slow to load and slower to print and a pain to scroll through and often "locked" so you can't cut and paste from them.

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