Colombia as 'Cocaine Country'

Go over and view Cocaine Country, a National Geographic 8 miniute flash movie about cocaine and Colombia and what the crop means to the people. Link via Drug War Rant who writes,

And then ask yourself if our policies of spraying crops and providing military hardware and assistance makes any sense at all.

Here's the story behind it, and the text of some of the movie's narrative. The opening lines:

One afternoon, while crossing the soccer field in the village of Monserrate, I saw a man spreading white powder on three plastic tarps. What are you doing? I asked. "Drying cocaine base," he replied. "If it's wet, it'll be too heavy, and the dealer won't buy it." And no one minds? "Of course not," he said. "Everyone does it." Clearly I'd entered a world where "business as usual" had acquired a totally new meaning.

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