Spy-der-Man John Ashcroft

The latest flash animation on Attorney General John Ashcroft from Alliance for Justice. It's better than great.

Here's the story behind it and how you can help.

Armed with the far-reaching USA Patriot Act, John "Spy-der-man" Ashcroft abuses his power and abuses his authority as our nation's top cop. The flash ends with the ultimate call to action for Ashcroft: resign.

Although humor is used to convey the strong message of Spy-der-man, Alliance for Justice President Nan Aron points to the seriousness of Ashcroft's actions. "Under Attorney General John Ashcroft's leadership, the Justice Department has issued anti-terrorism policies that intrude on free speech, privacy, and due process," said Aron. "Ashcroft's actions have enabled the government to look at private information and spy on religious and political groups."

Also check out their Independent Judiciary website.

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