Kobe Prosecutor Drops Out of Trying the Case

Big news in the Kobe Bryant case. Mark Hurlburt, the elected DA who made the decision to charge Kobe, has announced he won't be trying the case, but leaving it to the deputy
DA's. He's decided his county needs him to do administrative work.

While its not unusual for elected DA's to spend more time on administrative matters than trying cases, they often try the high profile ones. Here, the citizens of the 5th Judicial District are paying Hurlburt to be the prosecutor--yet Hurlburt has decided to spend the district's money importing two prosecutors from Boulder and Jefferson County. If Hurlburt were really concerned about conserving the district's resources, he'd send the two prosecutors back and try the case himself.

On the other hand, we commend Hurlburt for recognizing there are other cases and people in his district in need of prosecution services and that far too many of the district's resources, both in time and money, have been spent on Kobe's case. How many prosecutors does it take to try a rape case?

The Denver Post has more here.

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