Excessive Force and the LAPD

Meet former LAPD officer Brian Bentley. He was fired from the LAPD for using excessive force and has written a book about it.

One Time is a candid and brutal look at the life of a Black cop with the LAPD. Bentley says he became a police officer because he wanted to make a difference and to change even one life. Unfortunately, he found that the only life he changed was his own. He lost hope, gave in to episodes of violence and abuse while relishing the power given to him by his badge and his gun.

One Time pulls no punches! The author recreates the joy, pain and frustrations he felt as he tried to do what was right. One Time brings great, dramatic stories of South Central Los Angeles to life. It is a story about the inner workings of America's most powerful institutions, the LAPD!

You can buy the book at Amazon.

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