Trial Date Set in Kobe Bryant Case

It's official...Jury selection in Kobe Bryant's trial on a sexual assault charge begins August 27. The Judge expects jury selection to last four to five days. The trial likely will last between two and four weeks.

In other case news, the court reporter made a big mistake and sent transcripts of sealed hearings to 7 media outlets. The Judge ordered the media to destroy the transcripts and not distribute them.

The trial should be over by the beginning of basketball season. Reporters have been asking us if we think there is any chance of a plea bargain. In our view, the only deal that would be acceptable would be a misdemeanor plea to a non-sex offense. The only way we can see that being put on the table is if the Judge were to rule Kobe's statements inadmissible --and the accuser's contemporaneous sexual activity and medical history admissible.

The setting of a trial date suggests to us that several key rulings, including on the three issues just mentioned, will be released shortly. More hearings are set for July 19 - 21.

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