Monica Not Happy with Bill's Book

Monica Lewinsky is unhappy with the way she is portrayed in President Bill Clinton's book. She thinks their affair was mutual and based on more than sex. She says he ruined her life.

There's no question that Monica Lewinsky's life has been permanently changed by her relationship with Bill Clinton. That's regrettable. But...maybe she should have thought about the consequences of having a relationship with a married man who was President before she succumbed to his overtures--assuming she's correct that it was Clinton who made the overtures.

We think it's particularly disingenuous of her to raise the "Chelsea" card now--pointing out that she was the same age as Chelsea at the time of her dalliance with Bill. Monica was an adult who made her own choices. She spent hours on the phone with her friend Linda Tripp reviewing each insipid detail of the affair. She went willingly into those dark waters and ultimately must bear the responsiblity for her poor judgment.

On the other hand, Ken Starr should be ashamed of himself for what he put Monica through. That was an inexcusable witchhunt and a waste of American taxpayer dollars. He hung her out to dry. Our Congress and executive branch had far more important things to do than wallow in this muck.

So, yes, we feel sorry for Monica, but we can't say Bill's at fault. The Republicans and Ken Starr bear the brunt of the blame. If we feel really sorry for anyone in the wake of the whole ordeal, it's for what Susan McDougal went through.

On a related note, read the praise in today's Washington Post for The Hunting of the President, the documentary based on the book of the same name by investigative reporters Joe Conason and Gene Lyons. [link fixed]

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