Bush Campaign Helping Nader in Oregon

Just received this email from Andrew in Oregon, who included his full name, email address and telephone number:

This Saturday, there will be a convention in Portland, Oregon to attempt to place Ralph Nader on the Oregon ballot. They will need 1,000 registered voters for his name to be on the November ballot and an independent. A few months ago, they attempted but came up short.

I am a Democrat who, a short while ago, gave my email address and phone
number to the local Republican party to receive updates on what they were up
to. Today I received a phone call from the local Republican party asking me
if I wanted to go the Nader convention. They explained the need to get Nader on the ballot to help President Bush. The name on the caller ID on my phone said “Bush Cheney” implying that they were calling from the Oregon Bush Cheney headquarters.

I found it blatantly sleazy of the Bush Cheney campaign to ask volunteers to attend a Nader rally and contacted the John Kerry campaign and some local
media. Do what you wish with this info, it should start hitting the Oregon news
radar in a few hours.

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