Maj. Gen. Miller and Guantanamo Detainee Suicide Attempts

Newly available records show that a "flurry" of suicide attempts at Guantanamo began three months after Major Gen. Geoffrey Miller took over the prison camp in November, 2002:

Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller took over as commander at Guantanamo in November 2002 after interrogators criticized his predecessor for being too solicitous for the detainees' welfare. Between January and March 2003, 14 prisoners at Guantanamo tried to kill themselves, according to Pentagon figures. That's more than 40 percent of the 34 suicide attempts by 21 inmates since the prison was opened in January 2002.

Miller is now in charge of all military-run U.S. prisons in Iraq, a job he took after news broke of beatings and sexual humiliations last fall at the Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad.

Another case of "Meet the new boss....?" Here's the link to the full text of the Geneva Conventions and Protocols--in html, not pdf.

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