The Convenient and Speedy Capture and Death of al-Moqrin

We've had a nagging sense of unease over the Saudi's quick capture and killing of Paul Johnsons's suspected kidnappers and beheaders.

Saudi officials said the gunbattle came after a witness saw Johnson's body being dumped from a car and informed police of the car's license number. Police stopped the car at a gas station in Riyadh's al-Malaz neighborhood and a fierce gunbattle erupted, during which the four militants died, the officials said. Al-Ekhbariya broadcast footage of the station showing blood on the street and on merchandise inside.

For three days they couldn't catch a lead. All of a sudden, they get a report of a sighting of a vehicle which they are immediately able to surround at a gas station and the suspects are shot to death. After dumping a body, who goes to fill up? Why would the leader of the pack go along for the ride to dump the body? That's a lackey's job. We haven't seen anyone else mention this, until now. Here's Steve Soto at Left Coaster:

Good for the Saudis. Hours after an Al Qaeda-affiliated group claimed credit for beheading an American captive, Saudi security forces in downtown Riyadh surrounded several leading figures of Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia and killed them in a raid. I must say that it is interesting that the Saudis were able so quickly after the terrible news about Paul Johnson’s death to locate, surround, and kill the leader of Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia. He was right under their noses in downtown Riyadh, and just like that within hours they found and killed him. How efficient. It makes you wonder why they can’t do that all the time.

Now there's one more piece of news--in the same article: The Governor of Riyadh is denying that Mr. Johnson's body has been found.

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