Al Qaida Hostage Paul Johnson Beheaded

Update: Reuters reports it has found the body of beheaded hostage Paul Johnson in the Saudi Capital. (via tv news). Al-Arabiya tv said there was also a video of the beheading.

An Islamic website is reporting that American hostage Paul Johnson has been beheaded:

An al-Qaida group said Friday it killed American hostage Paul M. Johnson Jr, posting an Internet message that showed photographs of a beheaded body that appeared to be his. The statement was posted on a Web site where the group frequently makes announcements. Also posted were three still photos showing a head that appeared to be Johnson's.

Update: The Guardian reports:

One of the three photographs posted on the internet site showed a man's head, face toward the camera, being held by a hand. The other two showed a beheaded body lying prone on a bed, with the severed head placed in the small of his back. The face looked like Mr Johnson's, Reuters reported.

The beheaded body was clad in a bright orange suit, similar to those issued to suspected Islamic militants imprisoned by the United States at Guantanamo Bay - and similar to the suit another American captive, Nicholas Berg, was wearing when he was beheaded in Iraq last month by another group of Islamic militants inspired by al-Qaida. Soon after the statement appeared, the website was inaccessible, with a message saying it was closed for maintenance. Arab satellite network al-Arabiya said there was also a video of the beheading.

We are disgusted. We offer our sincerest condolences to Mr. Johnson's family. Post your thoughts here.

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