Support Stan Matsunaka

There's an important Colorado congressional race in which you can make a difference. Support Stan Matsunakas. His opponent is Marilyn Musgrave, woman on a mission to ban gay marriage and increase the power of the radical-theological right. Stan says:

"People's eyes are wide open. The community now knows her conservative right-wing agenda," said Matsunaka, who is clearing up cases at his law practice for a second run. "Voters gave her the benefit of the doubt last time," he said. "Now, they're angry." "She was more involved in what was going on in San Francisco and Boston than in the district," he said. Both cities issued marriage licenses to gay couples... There are Republicans who backed Matsunaka in 2002 who say he has a better shot this year... "The Christian social agenda is big in Weld County, but new people have moved in from Boulder County," said Ruth Gartrell, a retired teacher who lives in Greeley. "No one knows how the county will vote," she said. ...Dana Williams of the Colorado secretary of state's office, said the district's registered voters include 163,509 Republicans, 102,874 Democrats and 128,421 unaffiliated. "When I go out in public now, people at the grocery store, hardware store and on the street tell me they didn't vote for me last time, but this time they will," Matsunaka said.

We're proud to have Stan as a new TL advertiser. Give to Stan . If you end your contribution with ".11", Stan will know it's from a TalkLeft reader. My DD has more on recent polling in the race. Daily Kos has made Stan one of his dKos8 candidates.

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