Cost of Terry Nichols' Trial

The citizens of Oklahoma shelled out more than $5.2 million to try and kill Terry Nichols:

The final costs of Terry Nichols' state case will exceed $5.2
million. More than $3.75 million has already been paid on his defense since 1999, records show. Another $115,361 in defense bills for May is being processed. The defense costs includes the salaries of six court-appointed attorneys, their investigators and other staff. It also includes overhead, housing expenses, a jury consultant's fee, a public opinion survey and expert witness fees. The latest expenses in May include the cost of motel rooms for defense

The security costs for the trial and for Nichols' stay in McAlester were $288,355 through May, records show. Guards watched the Pittsburg County Courthouse around the clock. Nichols is held at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary. Jury costs so far exceed $67,400. Much of that was spent for jury selectionon the hundreds of candidates who were summoned for jury duty. Jurors are paid $20 a day plus mileage.

Update: The jurors speak.

Update: Teflon Terry Nichols

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