Parole Officers Set Up Immigrants for Deportation

There will be an organized protest on at 11:00 am on Monday, June 14 across the street from Governor Pataki's New York City office. 633 3rd Ave., between 40th and 41st Streets. Here's why, as contained in a e-mail we received from NNIRR:

On May 25, in a collaboration that has stunned families and advocates, 500 officers from New York’s Division of Parole and the federal immigration office have tag teamed to round up over 100 New York immigrants – most of whom are Black and Latino and many of whom had green cards. Some parole officers called parolees and former parolees, asking them to report for visits that were not routine. When they dutifully showed up, they were shackled by immigration agents and shipped to jails hundreds of miles away. The detainees’ families, immigrant rights and criminal justice organizations are outraged that a New York State agency would use their authority to entrap these immigrants, who had been complying with the terms of their parole. They are gathering to demand that the Division of Parole stop the secretive collaboration with immigration, and that government agencies explain how parolees were targeted for this latest round up.

As a result:

The round up has turned the lives of hundreds of family members upside down. Spouses have expressed extreme difficulty in getting basic legal help to their detained loved ones, who are now in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and other remote jails around the Northeast. Children do not know where their parents are. By the time they figure out why they are in jail, half of their loved ones will be on a plane out of the country.

Organizers and supporters include Families for Freedom, Immigrant Defense Project, Legal Aid Society, Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant Rights, Coalition for Human Rights of Immigrants, and Others

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