Defense Closes in Terry Nichols' Death Penalty Trial

Closing arguments continue in Terry Nichols' state murder trial. He has been convicted of 161 counts of murder. The jury will decide whether he should be sentenced to life or death.

Defense attorney Barbara Bergman said Nichols has made mistakes in his life, but his role in the bombing merits a life sentence instead of death. "You must now decide do you kill Terry Nichols," Bergman told the jury of six men and six women on Tuesday. "He is a person with a heart and a soul, and a person whose life is worth saving."

Bergman became emotional during her argument. She said a death penalty for Nichols would mean guards will someday "take him out of his cell, strap him to a gurney and put poison in his veins." Defense witnesses presented photographs during the sentencing trial that showed Nichols with his three children - Joshua, 21, Nicole, 10, and Christian, 8. Others said they correspond with him about the Bible and religious issues. "He is a person who values and is valued by other people," Bergman said.

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