Albuquerque Opposes CLEAR Act

by TChris

The CLEAR Act, proposed last year by Rep. Charlie Norwood (R-GA) and joined by 121 co-sponsors, would authorize all state and local law enforcement officers "to investigate, apprehend, or remove aliens" in the United States in violation of federal immigation laws. States that refuse to authorize their officers to do the job would be cut off from federal funding for prisons.

This is the kind of legislation favored by the "send them all back where they came from" crowd, but requiring local police to arrest everyone suspected of an immigration violation would flood a system that's already overtaxed while diverting officers from more important duties (as prioritized by the local residents who employ them, if not Rep. Norwood). What happened to the time when Republicans were in favor of states running their own governments?

Another unintended consequence: years of public education urging battered women to call the police will be nullified by the fear that a call to the police will result in deportation.

"This is really putting into danger the lives of immigrant women and children," said Claudia Medina, executive director of ENLACE Comunitario, a pro-immigrant organization that works with victims of domestic violence.

"If this law is approved, it will cause chaos in our community.... Victims aren't going to report abuse. This will give one more tool to abusers against their victims."

The Albuquerque City Council passed a resolution last night opposing the bill. More on the CLEAR Act here.

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